New Opti TP Zip from Coats resists sea water, acid rain and more

Coats Opti TP Zip

Coats hope to make the challenge of crafting durable work clothes even simpler with its newly developed product, the Opti Total Plastic (TP) Zip.

These new zips trade the conventional metal sliders for purely plastic ones, making them far significantly more resistant to the effects of salt water, mildly acidic water, UV radiation and high humidity in general. The Opti TP Zip is also treated with Coats’ new chemical formula ‘HydroS’, which prevents water from seeping through the zip’s tape.

Coats intends the Opti TP Zip to have a range of applications including boat stretch covers, life jackets, tents, work clothes and military equipment. But do they do the trick? Check out Coats’ Opti TP Zip on its product page and let us know what you think.

[Source: Coats plc]