Craftivist Collective fight to separate sweat-shops and fasion

craftivist collective

British-based activism group Craftivist Collective have begun a new “Mini Fashion Protest” campaign to raise awareness of the the poor conditions many sweat-shop workers endure to provide items of  fashion to major Western clothing brands.

Craftivist Collective urge crafters the world over to get involved by making their own awareness raising crafts, or by purchasing their Mini Protest Banner Kit.

The new campaign comes as a response to the tragic loss of life of over a thousand workers when a Bangladeshi factory building collapsed earlier this year. Those killed worked in poor conditions and low wages while making clothes for Benetton, Primark, Matalan, Mango and other major brands.

For more information on the Craftivist Collective Mini Fashion Protest, check out the Craftivist Collective website, the Craftivist Collective Facebook page or follow them on Twitter @Craftivists.

[Source: Mr. X Stitch]