Knitters banned from local library because of ‘dangerous needles’


A knitting group from Cramlington, Northumberland, has been told it is no longer allowed to meet in the local library since the library has moved to a new building. The knitters have been given a variety of reasons why they have been banned, amongst which they have been told they are ‘too loud’ and that knitting needles are ‘dangerous instruments and against health and safety regulations’.

The group started knitting in the library because the council asked them to, but will now have to find somewhere else to meet up. The council said that the knitters could still meet in the library if they were to split into smaller groups, which the group does not want to do.

Wayne Daley, the Conservative councillor for Cramlington North said the decision was ‘barmy’ and has asked the council to find somewhere else for the knitting group to meet.

[Source: The Telegraph]