DMC to add 16 new colours to their cotton embroidery floss

DMC embroidery threads

DMC has been listening to some of your favourite designers and will be adding 16 new colours to their 117 cotton embroidery floss. The new colours are split into two sets, with eight vibrant colours, and eight more subdued shades. These 16 new colours means that DMC’s collection of embroidery flosses is the largest in the world, with 470 solid colours, and 18 variegated colours, for a total of 488.

These new colours will be available in a special pack, which includes three exciting new patterns entitled Bohemian Tapestry, Tropical Punch, and Woodland Walk, you can view these patterns in the gallery below.

The new threads will be available at most needlework retailers in October, both in the special packs, and individually.

Personally, I think these new colours are a great addition to DMC’s range, and am excited to get my hands on them. I’m looking forward to stitching up Bohemian Tapestry.  What do you think? Will you be picking up these new colours? Do you like them? What about my retro-inspired/poorly edited feature image?

[Source: DMC Threads]

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