Review: The Craft Box Company’s Needle Case Box

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We at CraftiHub have already introduced you to The Craft Box Company, a business set up by Katie Wright and Sharmila Lindsay whose aim it is to sell small kits that allow inexperienced crafters to try new techniques by completing one, self contained project. Each box from The Craft Box Company contains a all the materials required for each of its range of projects as well as instructions.

So, does The Craft Box Company’s boxes have what it takes to inspire potential crafters new and old? And is it worth your time and money? CraftiHub has been provided with The Craft Box Company’s Needle Case Box to help answer those very questions. So without further ado, here’s CraftiHub’s review of The Craft Box Company’s Needle Case Box!

Needle Case Box — Contents

First impressions count, and one of the exciting parts of receiving a Craft Box Company box and others like it is opening it up and taking a look inside. The kit itself comes in a nice, sturdy cardboard box which is filled on the inside with decorative tissue paper.

While the Needle Case Box was certainly exciting to open and rummage through, the kit itself was disappointing — at least initially. This stems from the fact that the kit is so small that it is drowned by the relative size of the box and the tissue paper within. The presentation of the Needle Case Box is lovely — there’s no argument there — but it’s somewhat unnecessary considering the small size of the kit and especially considering the £3.00 postal charge.

As for the Needle Case Box’s contents, it contains two pieces of fabric, a small piece of felt, two lengths of ribbon, a travel sewing kit and a little instruction leaflet.

the craft box company

As was the case when opening the box, it was initially surprising to see how small the fabric pieces were as the photo on The Craft Box Company website made them look larger. But it is for a needle case, so the fabrics don’t necessarily need to be large.

Despite their size, the fabric felt nice to the touch and frayed very little during sewing. As for the the felt, it did seem thin on first inspection, but did’t tear while being used. Although it is personal opinion, the fabrics we received in the Needle case Box complimented each other in terms of their texture and colours, and were well chosen by The Craft Box Company.

Putting the Needle Case Box project together

The instructions in the Needle Case Box are easy enough to follow and succinctly describe the basic method for creating a needle case, i.e. place the fabric pieces with the correct sides together, sandwich the ribbon between them and sew around the edge, leaving a small gap for turning the needle case the right way out. However, what to do with the gap once you’ve turned your needle case the right way round is not covered by the The Craft Box Company’s instructions.

I have always found it tricky to stitch up the hole left after turning without showing the stitches on the outside. Therefore, I think the inclusion of a quick guide on a ladder stitch, or something similar, would have been very useful not only for this project, but future ones. Fortunately, I’m fairly experienced in sewing, so the omission of ladder stitch instructions wasn’t a major problem for me personally. However, those purchasing this kit to try something new may find this last step in the project difficult to overcome alone. There’s also no illustrations in the instructions, which would have been helpful, especially in demonstrating the stitches.

The Craft Box Company

Needle Case Box — The Verdict

Overall, I think that the girls at The Craft Box Company have an excellent idea on their hands — it just needs some refining. With better packaging and clearer instructions it would be easy to recommend The Craft Box Company to absolutely anybody. However, as it stands, lacklustre instructions and a total price of £6.50 including post and packaging makes it difficult to see the Needle Case Box appealing those who don’t already have prior knowledge of sewing. Conversely, there’s little reason for anyone with sewing experience to buy it either due to the relative simplicity of the project.

This being said, The Craft Box Company is definitely something to keep an eye on and we sincerely hope it takes off. We look forward to seeing The Craft Box Company improve and evolve, and wish Katie and Sharmila all the best.

Have you bought a box from The Craft Box Company? What did you think? Will you buy The Craft Box Company boxes in the future? We’re always interested in hearing what you think at CraftiHub, so let us know by leaving a comment below!