Shaun the Sheep arts and crafts available to international buyers this October

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Repco Asia, the arm of the Repco Group focusing on the manufacture and sourcing  of officially licensed toys, will be showcasing a new line of Shaun the Sheep arts and crafts toys to potential international buyers in Hong Kong next month.

The new line of toys is aimed primarily at children and their parents with the intention of enticing newcomers to arts and crafts with the popular Shaun the Sheep brand. The iconic sheep first appeared in the Wallace & Gromit stop motion classic A Close Shave, and has since starred in a hugely successful spin off series simply titled Shaun the SheepRepco Asia will also showcase an additional line of Shaun the Sheep arts and crafts toys next year to coincide with the run up to the Shaun the Sheep movie in 2015.

Repco Asia’s CEO Carsten Bo Skoett voiced his delight at the deal in the following statement:

We are very proud of having been appointed global manufacturer of Shaun the Sheep Arts and Crafts toys. This gives us an opportunity to work with a great license such as Shaun the Sheep, and Shaun’s world opens up endless opportunity to incorporate creativity and humour into the actual products.

The first wave of products will be introduced to buyers in October 2013, in Hong Kong. Additional products will be introduced throughout 2014, and a big Shaun year is expected running up to the worldwide premier of Shaun the Sheep the movie in early 2015.

It’s a shame that the “toys” weren’t described in more detail, as there’s no way to know at this point as to they’re genuine craft products or simple finger painting kits. Either way, assuming the toy line catches the eyes of distributors and retailers next month, official Shaun the Sheep arts and crafts merchandise should be available to consumers sometime in the near future.

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