NASA Astronaut calls on the people of Earth to finish her space themed quilt

Karen Nyberg CraftiHub

NASA Astronaut Karen Nyberg has created a quilt block during her stay in the International Space Station and is now calling on the quilters of Earth to help her finish it. NASA is known to most for its continuing quest to collect experimental data from outer space to help unravel the mysteries of the universe, but Nyberg, a NASA flight engineer, has already turned the heads of handicraft fans with her interstellar, handmade dinosaur toy.

Nyberg has gone on to crate a single, star-themed quilt block which was brought back to Earth earlier this month. She hopes to complete the quilt with the help of the International Quilt Festival who are calling on all quilters to contribute their own star-themed blocks in order to create a full quilt. Here’s what Nyberg  had to say about her zero-gravity handicraft adventure and her plans for the quilt,

“Now that I’ve tried my hand sewing in space, I can say one thing with certainty: it’s tricky. First of all, it’s keeping all of your things in order – Ziploc bags come in very handy.

It’s taken me a long time … quite a while, a lot longer than you would expect it to take. But it’s been fun, it’s been a fun experiment and it’ll be neat to have a quilt block that I can say was actually sewn during my time in space.

This is what I’ve made. It’s far from being a masterpiece, but it was made in space. I’m inviting all of you to create your own star-themed quilt block. We’ll be combining them with my block to create a quilt for next year’s 40th anniversary International Quilt Festival in Houston. I can’t wait to see what we make together.”

The International Quilt Festival will be celebrating its 40th anniversary next year and hopes to have the finished quilt ready for display. If the project is successful then it’ll be seen by many eyes — the International Quilt Festival draws crowds of approximately 60,000, making it the biggest festival of its kind in the world.

Information on the specifications of the quilted blocks require by the project — titled the “Star Block Challenge” can be found through this official PDF. But just to reiterate, here’s the core details:

  • Create a star-themed 9.5″-square unfinished block (so that when quilted, it will be a 9″ finished block).
  • The theme should be any variation on a star.
  • All types are welcomed —traditional, modern, and artsy variations.
  • The challenge is limited to one block per person.
  • Use any colour scheme and techniques you would like, but please do not use any embellishments.
  • Sign your unfinished block on the front with a permanent marker.
  • Please include your name and your location.

Would you like to have a quilt block of your creation sewn to that of Nyberg’s? Are you going to participate in the Star Block Challenge? Are you surprised at the scientific themes of many of CraftiHub’s news articles? We’d love to hear your thoughts, so be sure to drop us a comment below!

[Source: RedOrbit]