MCM Birmingham Comic Con craft round-up

Birmingham Comic Con

It’s been a week since MCM Birmingham Comic Con and Michael and I had a great time! There was much to see, much to do and plenty to buy. As usual, there were lots of crafty crafters selling their quirky wares. So without further ado, lets round-up the crafts we saw.

Geeniejay: Polymer Clay Jewellery


Geeniejay makes quite stunning jewellery using polymer clay. We love the detail she has given her works.

Frozen Crafts: Polymer Clay Jewellery

Frozen Crafts

Frozen Crafts is also making fantastic jewellery using polymer clay. The crispness of the outlines is amazing —  it’s almost hard to believe they’re handmade!

Emerald City Cupcakes: Cupcakes

Emeraldn City Cupcakes

Emerald City Cupcakes make beautiful cupcakes and other baked goodies that are almost too good to eat.

Retr8bit: Hama Bead Jewellery and Keychains


These keychains, and many of the other videogame themed goodies made by Retr8bit are made using mini Hama beads. The mini Hama beads allow for detail without having to go too big.

If you were at MCM Birmingham Comic Con selling hand made goodies and we didn’t feature you here (we probably didn’t see you!), then get in touch, send in or share your pictures, and we may feature them on CraftiHub.

Check back soon for a photo post containing a gallery of all the photos we took of all the amazing things each of these sellers made.

Did you go to MCM Birmingham Comic Con? Have you been to any other interesting events lately? Perhaps you’ve had a table at one of them? We’d love to hear from you, so drop us a comment below!