Yorkshire knitters gear up for Tour de France

Baa Ram Ewe

This year’s Grande Départ of the Tour de France will be from Yorkshire, starting in Leeds and ending in Harrogate. To celebrate this Harrogate knitting shop Baa Ram Ewe will be publishing a knitting book inspired by cycling, the title of which will be ‘Bespoke’.

Verity Britton, who set up Baa Ram Ewe, said about the event and the book:

The Tour de France comes within a few hundred metres of our Harrogate shop, so we wanted to do something to show our support for the event and for Yorkshire as its host.

We’ve got all sorts of ideas to celebrate the Tour de France coming to our shops – we decided to go for something adventurous to celebrate all things bicycle related.

With this book, you’ll be able to create some gorgeous hand warmers for cycling in colder weather, some amazing bicycle-patterned jumpers and a fantastic hat.

The book will feature lots of cycling related patterns, such as the ‘Helmet Head’ hat and ‘Woodrup’ cardigan featured in the photograph above, as well as a bicycle basket, saddle cover, and even a yellow jersey.

‘Bespoke’ will be released later this month.

[Source: The Northern Echo, Baa Ram Ewe]