IPC Media to Launch Three New UK Craft Magazines

IPC Media Craft

British magazine publisher IPC Media will be throwing their hand crafted hats into the ring with three upcoming craft magazines titled Craft, Knitting & Crochet and Classics. IPC Media handicraft content is currently published as a sub-section of the popular Woman’s Weekly magazine, but will now be expanded into the three new magazines.

Of the three magazines, Craft will be the most generalised and will focus more on the culture of crafting rather than specific patterns. According the IPC Media, Craft will contain ideas, techniques and inspiration from the Women’s Weekly editorial and handicraft experts from across the United Kingdom. Knitting & Crochet will be a more conventional craft magazine and will contain patterns and guides for a range of different projects. Classics, on the other hand, will focuses solely on craft content published over the last 102 years in Woman’s Weekly.

The news of not one, but three new magazines making their way to our newsagents’ shelves certainly gives the impression that the demand for crafting magazines is higher than ever. Truth be told, there’s already more craft magazines on the market than you can shake a knitted stick at, but the added variety and competition can only galvanise this specialist sector of the magazine publishing industry.

Craft magazines are a must-have for most handicrafters. Which do you buy, if any? Do you think there’s enough craft magazines on the market already, or are you excited to see three more? Do you think you’ll end up buying Craft, Knitting & Crochet and/or Classics?

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[Source: FeaturesExec]