Breast cancer patients given Knitted Knockers

Knitted Knockers

Knitted Knockers UK has found crafty way to help breast cancer patients. Volunteers knit and crochet breasts to replace silicon prosthesis which are often given to NHS patients after mastectomies. Many patients feel the silicon prosthesis are heavy and often rub against scars left after operations, however, Knitted Knockers are soft and breathable against the skin and take the form of the real thing. Each breast is made by volunteers and tailored to suit each woman, requests can even made for different colours. A pair of breasts cost about £10 to make and the charge is met by the volunteer who makes them, and given to the patient for free. At the time of writing 684 requests for knitted breasts had been fulfilled.

Here at Craftihub we think this a great and cost-effective way to help women who are going through the difficulties of post-mastectomy life. We love the idea of crafts affecting people in positive and useful ways. And the colourful Knitted Knockers look amazing.

Are you interested in finding out more? Would you like to volunteer to knit or crochet a pair of knockers, or are you in need of a pair yourself? Head over to the Knitted Knockers UK website for more information.

[Source: Knitted Knockers UK]