Rosemary’s knitted hairdo

Rosmary's knitted wig

A few days ago we wrote about knitters helping women recovering from breast cancer, but today we have a story about a knitter from California helping herself during chemotherapy. Rosemary Capitolo has become somewhat of a star after she posted on Facebook (and her granddaughter subsequently tweeted) about the rocking new hairdo she knitted herself.

In a post on Buzzfeed she said she was diagnosed with cancer two years ago and has been undergoing chemotherapy since. She found the pattern for a wig and thought it would be a “hoot” to knit one. She also volunteers for The First Tee and LPGA Girl’s Golf who were hosting a crazy hair Hallowe’en event. She plans on wearing it at her next chemotherapy session and handing out candy in the infusion ward.

What do you think of Rosemary’s new ‘do? We think she’s amazing and wish her well in the future.

[Source: Cosmopolitan]