Space quilt shown at International Quilt Festival

Karen Nyberg space quilt

A little while ago we reported about Karen Nyberg, the NASA astronaut who was sewing in space. She called for help to make a quilt, asking people to make their own space themed quilt blocks. Now the quilt is complete and it was recently shown at the International Quilt Festival.

2,200 quilters helped to create quilt blocks which were put together in 28 quilted panels. Nyberg’s red, white and blue star was the centrepiece of the exhibition. Nyberg expressed her delight during a talk at the show, saying:

With a project like this, what I think is really cool, is that you can take somebody from every part of this world and find something that you have in common with them. And we really do have something in common with people from everywhere. We received blocks from all over the world. There are quilters everywhere and there were people enthusiastic about this everywhere.

During the talk she also explained the difficulties of sewing space – she couldn’t bring her own scissors on board and had to use ones not made for cutting fabric, for example, and also said that cutting was made harder as the fabric would float off while she was cutting.

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[Source: Collect Space]

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